Saturday, February 28, 2015

Warrior Adepts Update: First Ones Done!

So while I waited for a plumber to come to fix a busted water pipe, I knuckled down and finished up my first batch of rescued Warrior Adepts! It's the same mix of Tactical and Assault marines I've been working on and I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.


Obviously there's still a little bit of work to do. I need to base them (thinking gravel-ish rather than sand) and they still need their chapter/squad marks added, but the bulk is done.

I think I learned a lot with this group and there are things that I'll be altering when I start on batch two. I did a full wash on these guys with Agrax Earthshade and while it didn't dull the colors like I had worried it might, I think I'll try and spot shade with the next group. I may use a Nuln Oil wash or maybe play around with a red/blue wash mix on the respective quartering. That should hopefully avoid the "dirty" look Agrax Earthshade can give while still giving some shade.

Thinning the paint is something else I need to work on. There are spots where I can still see brush strokes so I think I added either too much water or not enough.

                                            Not bad for a first time Space Marine painter

I started trying to freehand the quad markings on the Tactical marines and those shapes still need a touch more refinement, but I think this'll be good warm up practice for the chapter badge on the other shoulder.

                                            Battle Brother Chad: Master of Limbo

Next up will be priming the rest of the boys and I'll have my first squads all ready to go!


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