Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recovered Battle Brothers

So I decided to go with the Warrior Adepts. No know founding chapter, so I fgure I'll be able to try out the various chapter play styles that way...and I still really like the quartered paint scheme.

                          Recovering battle brothers from the grips of Chaos; aka the 2nd hand bin

Started the long soak for all my second hand boys, a couple of them had multiple layers of paint and two had some nasty enamal paint on them which has been a bear to get off. I've been doing a multi day soak in Simple Green since I had it around and while it's not the fastest stripper in the west, it's doing the job.

I decided to focus on getting the Tactical and Assault teams done since the red paint on the Terminators has needed a longer bath. So far the painting has been easy going, although my tendency to be OCD about neatness has been compelling me to do a couple passes. It's been getting easier though, so I think things will speed up the longer I work on it.

                                                                 So many colors....

Depending on how things go, I may see if the store still has that Dreadnaught this weekend.

Also picked up the rules over the past weekend and have mowed through the fluff books. Neat stuff and I'm starting to make my way through the main rule book. It's a lot, so I expect to hit the local store once I have my company done to get some hands on.

                                                       The Company coming together

Looking forward to this.

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