Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday! Dip was eaten, commercials were laughed at and people sporting were watched. But, before that there was painting and assembling.

I got one of the many D&D Reaper mini's painted up and I think she looks pretty good. The Bones minis hold some nice detail although I think I like the Games Workshop plastic a bit more just in regard in how they take the paints. Still, can't beat the price and they have a great range for what ever class/race you may play.

My sister has joined me in jumping into the Warhammer fantasy ring. She picked the Lizardmen since she likes the idea of bright colors without the side effect of going cross eyed that come when painting models from the Bretonnia army. They're coming along slowly as she's still getting used to paint control and how to mix colors, but they're looking good so far.

In the meantime, in order to break up all the Clanrats I'm currently working on, I've broken up my Tau Pathfinders and have started to put them together. It's a little more...overwhelming compared to the "slap the arm and shield on" assembly of the Skaven, but it's a neat challenge and I may do a few sub assemblies just so I can ensure that I can get full paint coverage.

Well on my way to my Tau army!

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