Friday, January 30, 2015

The Skittering Horde

So about a month ago I wandered into my local game store looking for minis for my D&D game and I ended walking out with a bunch of these little guys...
                                                          "Hey, how ya doin'?"

Warhammer is one of those things that I've known about for years. When I lived overseas for a few years, our local game store was a Games Workshop and I've always enjoyed the asthetic. Everything looks like it's trying to be the front of a heavy metal album and I respect that. It's like there's a little bit of Warhammer fans that have just refused to stop doodling guys with rediculous armor in the gutters of their high school notebooks. 

Now, I love rats. 

I had two of them in college and am totally the person who's going to try and convence everyone that they're amazing pets (which they are), so of course my eye got drawn to the Skaven (backstabbing little bastards that they are). 

So I jumped in head first. Got the army book and my first pack of Clanrats with a mess of paint. Still don't have the main rule book so I'm not sure what makes a good army other than having a ton of rats on the table, but I still feel like I'm digging it and look forward to learning more. My plan right now is to have 4 little armies so when freinds come over we can have some fun games. I managed to drag my sister down the rabbit hole with me and she's picked up some Lizardmen and their army book so the last thing we need to do is confirm which other 2 we're going to get. We're thinking Dwarves or Elves for the good/law side and then Orcs and Goblins for the evil/chaos side. 


Here's my first 4 fully painted Clanrats and I'm liking how they look. Blue's going to be my unifying color and overall, not to bad for my first time out. Took 'em down to the local Games Workshop for some feed back and I think they looked pretty nice next to the display models. 

                                      "This way boys! Let the other guys play with the elves."

I'm still debating on what to do for basing them. Dirt and grass is pretty standard and probably not bad to start off with (that's why you make more armies right?), but I'll probably wait until I have the rest of the lads painted before making a final decision. 

More to come!

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