Sunday, February 22, 2015

Warrior Adepts Update

Alrighty, update time for my first batch of Space Marines. My rescued battle brothers are rehabing nicely into my first batch of Warrior Adepts and the rest are just about ready for their final scrub down.

I'm getting used to painting them although I still find myself doing a few passes to neaten up the quartering and the little details that are harder to reach since the minis came pre assembled.

The boys are going to be members of 4th Company and I'm going to be marking them with formal Codex Astartes company markings, so some since green trim went on today. The final base colors are going down now (the weapons/pouches ect) and I hope to be putting washes on soon.

In other news, I picked up a Dreadnaught yesterday! He's new so I get the set up that I really want asthetics wise and I think with my Terminators, I'll have a basic battle ready group up and running soon.

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