Wednesday, February 25, 2015


So after searching all the the game stores in my area, locating a 40K 7th ed rulebook was a bust. I satisfied my noob self by settling for getting the Space Marine codex and while it's a nice book, it's not the core rules that I needed to actually do more than paint little plastic men.

I took my new codex and my Warrior Adepts up to my parents house for a weekend trip to DC and on a whim decided to see if there was a Games Workshop up in their neck of the woods.

And there was!

So I dropped the dough and spent my time on the trip home reading through the three book set. It wasn't cheap, but it was more bang for the buck than when I had to pony up for the 5th ed D&D books for my new game.

The books themselves are lovely (although the vol 1 is mainly a fancy advert for GM products) and chock full of information for someone new to the 40K world. I have to admit, theres a lot more background to the game than I ever gave it credit for. Very operatic in a heavy metal, add more skulls kinda way.

The main rule book is what I'm currently reading through and I give the writers credit to how they've presented things. Core rules are put forward in a easy to grasp way and you can see where the army codex's add more colorful layers on top of those to give a lot of flavor.

I'm looking forward to getting an opportunity to field my Space Marines and really sink my teeth into the game soon.

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