Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Warrior Adepts Update and Birthday Gifts!

Update for 4th Company!

The Dreadnought is coming along nicely. I've finished painting the front half and continued the quartered scheme through the detailing. Still liking it and the only little detail bit left is deciding what the entombed battle brother's name will be. Pondering over a few that have a bit of a Roman/Latin flavor, but if anyone has any suggestions I'm open.

My soaking battle brothers are just about ready for their last scrubbing! The Simple Green isn't the fastest, but it's getting the job done and it's cheap. They should be able to get their priming coat this weekend and I'll have the rest of my start up squad ready to get prettied up.

Oh, speaking of gettng the squad finished, a few new additions came my way today as a birthday surprise; a  Commander and Librarian! Just need to find me a Rhino and I'll really be ready.

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