Sunday, March 29, 2015

New HQ Added!

So an update on the proud 4th Company of the Warrior Adepts!

I've been working through my Terminators and just need to add their wash, but while out and about today I found something I've been looking for over the past new months.

A Chaplain!

Grated he was a Blood Angel's chaplain, so that would have to be remedied, but it was a neat metal model and since none of the local stores have had any in stock, I grabbed him.

I decided to get right to work on him since I've really been jonsing for one and started by removing the Blood Angel trappings. Scrapped the halo, the chapter badge and the ornamentation on his Crozius Arcanum. I added a cut down skull badge I had left over from my Commander and my sister offered up some little relic ordaments from her Grey Knights. 

After that, I just added a little primer and got to work painting. 

And here he is! I'm still learning a lot from each project and the biggest thing I've learned is I need to get some nicer quality fine detail brushes for eyes. Whew. Still, I'm happy with him. A nice first kitbash and my first finished HQ.

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