Wednesday, April 8, 2015

End's in Sight

So! Remember how I got me a landspeeder? Well, I did and it's ready for priming! On top of that, I've finished my Sargent and 4th Company's Commander with a Librarian about...halfway done.

The speeder was interesting to put together and I didn't realize until it was too late that you needed a specific set of doors in order to put the missile launchers on, so it's carrying a multi melta and heavy flamer and I have an excuse to get another one. It came together pretty easily and I'm feeling more confidant about moving forward with a Rhino or some other transport or heavy support.

Also got my dreadnought finished up. He was fun to put together and I think I need one more. Don't know if I'll go for a standard or maybe get a heavy or venerable dreadnought just to mix things up. I'm in that stage where I kinda know what I need, but am still inclined to get what I think looks cool and just mix it up in my brain fluff.

                                                Dreadnought and Chaplain: Battle Bros

I also started in on my second set of rescued tactical marines so once I get a transport, I think I'll be in good shape to start playing.


....then I can start building my Slaanesh following Chaos Space Marine army.

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